Three papers accepted in IEEE Mobile Cloud 2015

Congratulations to Ragib Hasan, Shams Zawoad, Rasib Khan, Md. Mahmud Hossain, and Jinfang Xu on having three papers accepted in the 3rd International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing, Services, and Engineering, San Francisco (IEEE Mobile Cloud), Mar 2015.

Rasib Khan, Ragib Hasan, Jinfang Xu, “SEPIA: Secure-PIN-Authentication-as-a-Service for ATM using Mobile and Wearable Devices”, accepted as full paper in IEEE Mobile Cloud 2015.

Ragib Hasan, Md. Mahmud Hossain, Rasib Khan, “Aura: An IoT based Cloud Infrastructure for Localized Mobile Computation Outsourcing”, accepted as short paper in IEEE Mobile Cloud 2015.

Shams Zawoad and Ragib Hasan, “Towards a Systematic Analysis of Challenges and Issues in Secure Mobile Cloud Forensics”, accepted as poster paper in IEEE Mobile Cloud 2015.