Our Work ‘CellCloud’ Accepted in the International Journal of Cloud Computing (IJCC)

Congratulations to Shahid Al Noor, Ragib Hasan and Md Haque for having their work on CellCloud accepted in the International Journal of Cloud Computing (IJCC).

Shahid Al Noor, Ragib Hasan, and Md Haque “CellCloud: Towards A Cost Effective Formation of Mobile Cloud Based on Bidding Incentives“, To appear at the International Journal of Cloud Computing (IJCC), 2015.


In recent years, cloud computing has become the dominant computing paradigm. Researchers have explored the possibility of building clouds out of loosely associated mobile computing devices. However, most such efforts failed due to the lack of a proper incentive model for the mobile device owners. In this paper, we propose CellCloud – a practical mobile cloud architecture which can be easily deployed on existing cellular phone network infrastructure. CellCloud is based on a novel reputation-based economic incentive model in order to compensate the phone owners for the use of their phones as cloud computing nodes. CellCloud offers a practical model for performing cloud operations, with lower costs compared to a traditional cloud. We provide an elaborate analysis of the model with security and economic incentives as major focus. Along with a cost equation model, we perform extensive simulations to evaluate the performance and analyze the feasibility of our proposed model. Our simulation results show that CellCloud creates a win-win scenario for all three stakeholders (client, cloud provider, and mobile device owners) to ensure the formation of a successful mobile cloud architecture.