OTIT – Our work on secure location provenance to appear at ASIACCS 2014

Rasib Khan, Shams Zawoad, Md. Haque, and Ragib Hasan, “OTIT: Towards Secure Provenance Modeling for Location Proofs“, in Proceedings of the 9th ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS), Kyoto, Japan, June 2014.


Our work on Secure Location Provenance has been accepted at the 9th ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS), Kyoto, Japan, June 2014.

Abstract : Personal mobile devices and location based services are gaining popularity every day. Since the location based services are often customized based on the location information, it is important to securely generate, preserve, and validate the claim of presence at a given location at a given time as well as location provenance – the history of locations for a mobile device user over a given time period. Location provenance needs to imply secure and chronological ordering of location proofs, which can be successfully verified at a later time. Otherwise, the location based services can be easily spoofed by falsified location history. In this paper, we present OTIT – a model for designing secure location provenance. We formalized the features and characteristics for the domain of secure location provenance schemes, using formal propositional logic and logical proofs. We also present several schemes which can be used in various modes to provide secure location provenance services. Based on the characteristics defined in OTIT, we have analyzed different schemes to show their adherence to the desired features of secure location provenance. Furthermore, we present experimental results on the performance of the various schemes, in terms of time and storage, to show a comparative applicability analysis. We posit that OTIT will serve as a comprehensive benchmark framework to evaluate the models for secure location provenance.