Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality software on mobile and web based platforms for research projects and/or future commercialization while providing hands-on software engineering practice to Computer and Information Science students.

Personalized Development

We believe that developing a software product is an evolutionary practice: ideas change as an application is being created. To that end, we utilize a Rapid Prototyping technique in which we meet frequently with our clients so they can watch their app grow and change it along the way.

Our Projects

While our specialization is in Mobile/Web development projects, we have taken on a variety of clients across UAB and Birmingham. Whether it’s maintaining and improving an existing software system, developing a secure group chat app, or building a data aggregation framework, we have a team that can suit your needs. Check out some of our ongoing and completed projects here.


Building software doesn’t have to be difficult. We provide free consultations to give potential clients insight into our development process and to help clients realize the potential of their project ideas. Contact us today!