Alabama Technology In Motion (ATiM)

Teachers can participate in technology-involved professional development as part of their job duties through Technology in Motion. Furthermore, the program offers services that empower teachers to integrate technology in classroom teaching practices and create technology-rich learning environments and provide materials and training.

Most workshops are tailored to meet each school’s technology needs. Technology Specialists will handle the creation of sessions that will cover a variety of requests and needs. The professional development offered to faculty, PLC groups, and district leaders can be tailored according to their needs.

Professional Development Offerings

UAB’s Alabama Math Science & Technology Initiative (AMSTI)

In 2006, AMSTI-UAB became the eleventh AMSTI site to begin servicing Alabama’s students in math and science under the Alabama Department of Education. With Principal Investigator Dr. Michael Wyss and founding director Karen Wood, the first Summer Institute was held in July 2007. During this first Summer Institute AMSTI-UAB trained approximately 300 teachers from 10 public schools in our in-service region, Region 5. Since this first Summer Institute AMSTI-UAB as continued to train and service area teachers every year. AMSTI-UAB’s education in-service region consists of 8 school districts; Bessemer City, Birmingham City, Fairfield City, Jefferson County, Leeds City, Midfield City, Tarrant City, and Trussville City.