Our mission is to improve the equity, access, and uptake of COVID-19 testing to deliver equitable testing now and in future outbreaks or pandemics

We work toward an equitable future by providing customized toolkits and resources to healthcare, faith-based, and housing settings—which facilitates the sharing of COVID-19 testing information. By ensuring fairness and avoiding bias, the goal is to increase testing rates in African American populations, addressing disparities and promoting better healthcare outcomes.

Take Charge of Your Health

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms, take our quiz to learn if it’s time to get tested for COVID-19. Or, get informed by learning more about testing in one of our many resources.

Communication Toolkits

Choose below to view the wide-range of resources in our customized toolkits.


From flyers for patient rooms to appointment reminders that provide quick access to our suite of COVID-19 videos, these resources are tailored just for our healthcare partners.


From pulpit announcements to flyers that provide detailed COVID-19 information, these resources are customized for faith-based professionals.


From flyers for residents’ emergency contacts to easy to access COVID-19 information, these resources are specially made for housing community managers.