At PMI, we develop cutting-edge courses in various undergraduate programs at UAB. Below is some information on recent and upcoming courses. It is our goal to work with students to develop skills in precision medicine and genetic literacy.

Fall 2020 – GGSC 330 Principles in Precision Medicine

  • Junior level Genetic and Genomic Sciences (GGSC) course where students work on actual rare-disease patient cases and learn to use artificial intelligence tools (mediKanren) and bioinformatics to analyze data and develop hypotheses regarding molecular mechanisms and personalized therapeutic strategies to treat disease.

Spring 2019-2020 – STH 201 Research Approaches: Molecular Genetics

  • Freshman SciTech honors (STH) students learned CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing and applied other molecular biology techniques to develop a zebrafish model for a PMI patient case involving a rare-genetic disease.