An in-progress survey of FDA-approved algorithms in perioperative medicine

I am currently working on a review of all FDA-approved Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) algorithms in the perioperative space. The goals of this article-in-progress are to

  • assess current state of AI in perioperative medicine,
  • develop a user-friendly vocabulary for describing and categorizing algorithms, and
  • apply the developed vocabulary to FDA-approved algorithms with perioperative utility and a primary citation.

I am seeking collaborators in our department. The parts I need help with are structured, which I think makes this project a great opportunity for those early on in their research career.

Presently, I have found an online database with 70 FDA-approved algorithms that make some mention of AI/ML in either their approval or marketing materials. Of those, 26 seem to have perioperative utility, and of those 26, 17 have a primary citation I can locate.

The pieces I need help with are

  • reviewing my assessments of perioperative utility from a clinical perspective.
  • discussing the categories this paper establishes and which algorithms should go in each category.
  • Trying to find a primary citation for the 9 algorithms I could not locate.

If you are a UAB Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine clinical faculty member and you’ve been looking for an AI/ML research project to collaborate on, please reach out to me using this form or by finding my email in Outlook.

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