Postdoctoral fellowships or Researcher in cancer biology

The lab seeks pdf’s or researcher level trainees for several projects in cancer biology to:

  1. Investigate tumor cell behavior in vivo and in vitro to understand autocrine paracrine signaling mechanisms and outcomes in gynecological cancers
  2. Investigate cellular stressors ( hypoxia, matrix detachment and chemotherapy) as regulators of emergent cell behavior that includes but is not limited to metastatic behavior and drug resistance

New and free ideas pertinent to ovarian cancers, signaling modulation and cell stressors are welcome

Preferred qualifications: Doctorate or expertise in cell and molecular biology methods , imaging skills, biochemical methods and bioinformatics skills . Candidate should have prior first author peer reviewed publications. Researchers authorized to work in the US are prefered.

To apply: Please submit your CV, along with a representative publication to

Graduate Student Research in cancer

Graduate students to the lab must first be accepted into UAB’s GBS program at UAB . Please apply to the PhD or MSc programs and students from all themes will be considered.

Preferred qualifications: Prior research experience while not essential is a plus . Coursework in Biochemistry and gene regulation is important.

Undergraduate Researcher

Undergraduates from all science departments will be considered. Sophomores and Juniors will be given preference. Please contact the PI directly for additional details