General Requirement

Newly Enrolled Men 

  • Between 30 and 70 years old
  • Able and willing to provide informed consent
  • Participate in a baseline visit
  • Participants must consent to have their specimens stored in the MWCCS national repository
  • Agree to be re-tested for HIV or provide hardcopy documentation of status

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Postive Enrollees

HIV Positive Men 

  • Documented HIV seropositivity
  • Documented on-HAART and pre-HAART CD4 counts and HIV RNA quantification, if appropriate (i.e., HIV-positive, self-reported HAART)

Negative Enrollees

HIV Negative Men (at least one of the high-risk exposure criteria within five years of screening)

  • Diagnosis with >2 STIs
  • Unprotected sex with 6 or more men or women
  • Exchange of sex for drugs, money, or shelter
  • Sex with known HIV positive individual
  • Injection drug use or use of crack, cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine
  • Partner who engages in behaviors as listed above

    NCAB Resources

    MWCCS study visits are full of detailed information. We compiled a list of resources to assist
    participants in a better understanding of their MWCCS visits.

    This study is currently closed to the enrollment of female study participants. If this changes, a notice will be added to the website. Please check back.
    Thank you for your interest.