In this lab: 

We work toward a more complete understanding of the human brain, through interpreting data from MRI and behavior.  

  • This means, for example, that we strive to make sure our interpretations are as accurate as possible.  It also means that we work toward open and reproducible science, to allow future scientists to better assess our interpretations, viewed through as-yet unknown models. 
  • It’s important because science moves forward through incrementally more refined interpretations of data.

We work toward making our scientific community fully inclusive.  

  • This means, for example, that we seek out opportunities to support and to lift up the work of people in marginalized groups, including but not limited to:
    • race
    • gender identity
    • sexual orientation
    • socioeconomic background
    • age
    • health status
    • cultural background
    • nationality
    • citizenship status
    • ability status
    • physical appearance
    • religious/spiritual beliefs
  • It’s important because science is better when it draws from many perspectives, and historically some groups have been marginalized.

We work toward engaging the whole community in science.

  • This means, for example, that we seek to share our work in language that is understandable and accessible.  It also means that we support outreach efforts to the community.
  • It’s important because knowledge must be shared to be impactful.