Karin M. Hardiman, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Karin Hardiman is a colorectal surgeon and researcher at UAB.

The overarching goal of Hardiman’s research is to improve treatment and outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer. Her lab studies how tumor genetics are important in tumor progression and response to therapy.

As a colorectal surgeon, Hardiman has first-hand experience with the successes and toxicities of current treatment regimens for patients. In addition to her work on tumors and genetics, Hardiman performs clinical and translational studies to try to improve outcomes for cancer survivors.

Regina Irwin, B.S.

Regina Irwin is a laboratory technician in the research lab of Dr. Karin Hardiman.

After working as a research technician at the University of Michigan for more than 20 years, Irwin moved to the University of Alabama at Birmingham with Hardiman in 2019.

Jeremie Lever, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Jeremie Lever is a general surgery resident at UAB. He will spend two years in the Hardiman Lab.

Vivek Somasundaram, M.S.

Vivek is a graduate student in the Graduate Biomedical Sciences program (BSB Theme).


Mary Smithson, M.D.

Dr. Mary Smithson is a general surgery resident at UAB.

Smithson will spend two years in the Hardiman Lab performing translational colorectal cancer research.

Gregory Williams, B.S.


Our lab is looking for students, graduate students, post-docs, or residents interested in colorectal cancer. Please send your CV along with a letter describing your interest to Dr. Hardiman via email at