Burns Research Group Core Values

The Burns Research Group holds the core values of SafetyTeamworkIntegrityCuriosity, and Excellence. Our core values are our root beliefs that we operate from, they are the principles that guide our behaviors and decision-making.


Safety matters because you matter! Every individual working in our lab or with our group deserves a safe environment. If we cannot conduct our research safely, we cannot conduct our research.


We trust and respect every member of our team. Each member of our team brings value to the group and contributes in a positive way.


Integrity means we are honest and have strong moral principles. We behave ethically and do the right thing, even behind closed doors.


Curiosity is the driving force for discovery. Through curiosity, we are able to explore and push the boundaries of science.


We strive for excellence as we pursue our goal of producing high-quality science. Excellence requires us to constantly revise, improve, and innovate our experimental approach and scientific practice to achieve success.