All Aboard to Scotland!

On Wednesday, we departed London on our way to Edinburgh, Scotland. Our journey began at King’s Cross Station, where we had the opportunity to visit the 9 ¾ Platform, a must see for any Harry Potter fan!

We boarded the train on our four-hour journey to Edinburgh.  Some of us slept, some of us caught up on work, and some of us enjoyed the beautiful scenery though England and Scotland.

Getting ready to board our train!

Once we arrived in Edinburgh, we made our way to our hotel on Princes Street. We were immediately in awe of the beautiful architecture we saw just on our brief walk from the train station.

After a quick refresh, we made our way to Calton Hill, which boasts a collection of some of Edinburgh’s most important monuments and offers fantastic panoramic views of the city.

Afterwards, we were able to enjoy a group meal at Howies, where some of us dined on a traditional Scottish cuisine of Haggis, Neeps & Tatties! For dessert, we celebrated one our student’s birthdays!

When we came out of the restaurant, we were greeted with an eerie scene of fog and mist while we walked back to the hotel. We are looking forward to our time in Scotland!

Lisa and Meena

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