Poster Presentation Guidelines:

How to develop your poster presentation for SERRS 2022

The Southeast Regional Research Symposium is pleased to host student poster contributions to the 2022 gathering. Posters offer a unique venue to present information on a more intimate basis. Posters differ from written manuscripts in that they do not contain all the detail of methodology and richness of supportive literature. Posters should present a story outline of a research project in an easily digestible format.

The general format and instructions of the poster presentation are as follows:

1. Poster size (height x width) – recommended poster size is 36″ x 48″.

2. Title section a. Include your poster title, author, and affiliation. b. Two lines of title at the most is recommended.

3. Introduction a. Provide a brief background and rationale of your study (i.e., why it is important) b. Should include purpose(s) of your study.

4. Methods a. Briefly summarize study methods. b. Figures/diagrams may help make readers understand better.

5. Results a. Summarize the primary outcome(s) of your research (i.e., quantitative/qualitative results). b. Use graphs, tables, figures, etc. to help enhance the presentation of results.

6. Conclusion a. Discuss the results in relation to your study objective, implications of the findings in the field of OHS, etc. b. Future directions of your research can be addressed here.

7. References – list all references cited in the text (optional).

8. Acknowledgments – thank individuals for specific contributions to your project and to acknowledge funding agencies, if applicable.

Examples of poster presentation formats are provided here:



Thank you for your important contribution to the online 2022 SERRS. See you there!!