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Interdisciplinary Event

From September 30, 2021 to October 1, 2021

Underserved and underrepresented racial and ethnic communities more commonly are engaged in hazardous occupations. This has become all the more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic with higher proportions of “essential workers” from these communities. This discussion regarding occupational health disparities aims to demonstrate evidence of these inequities, gaps in data collection and knowledge, and the means by which workplaces and employers can attempt to improve the health and safety of workers from all communities despite varying degrees of hazards.

Thursday, September 30, 6 pm (CST) – Happy Hour: Meet the speaker, “Q & A with Dr. Zeke McKinney“

Friday, October 1, 1 pm (CST) – Disparities in Occupational Health, Dr. Zeke McKinney