Dr. Yogesh K. Vohra Receives NSF MRI Instrumentation Grant

NSF MRI Instrumentation Award

Dr. Yogesh K. Vohra is proud to announce the receipt of MRI: Acquisition of a Multipurpose X-ray Diffractometer for Interdisciplinary Materials Research and Education.  Drs. Eugenia Kharlampieva (Chemistry), Renato Camata (Physics), Andrei Stanishevsky (Physics) and Vinoy Thomas (Material Sciences and Engineering) serve as Co-PI’s.

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CNMB News: Triple-threat cancer-fighting polymer capsules

CNMB researchers create triple-threat cancer-fighting polymer capsules for guided drug delivery

Chemists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have designed triple-threat cancer-fighting polymer capsules that bring the promise of guided drug delivery closer to preclinical testing.

These multilayer capsules show three traits that have been difficult to achieve in a single entity. They have good imaging contrast that allows detection with low-power ultrasound, they can stably and efficiently encapsulate the cancer drug doxorubicin, and both a low- and higher-power dose of ultrasound can trigger the release of that cargo.. (read the entire article by Jeff Henson, 30March2017)

Physics Alumni Dr. Thomas McCauley

Physics alumni, Thomas McCauley has been named Chief Scientific Officer at RaNA Therapeutics.  Ron Renaud, Chief Executive Officer of RaNA Therapeutics says “Tom’s scientific leadership and demonstrated expertise in preclinical discovery, as well as translational and clinical development of small molecule and biologic drugs for rare diseases will be critical as we pioneer unparalleled innovation around selective gene upregulation.”Read the full press release here.