2024 Simpson-Ramsey Neurodevelopment Symposium

More than 60 people attended the Center’s annual Simpson Ramsey Symposium on April 25, 2024 at the Bradley Lecture Center. Distinguished presenters included Dr. John Foxe, Dr. Julie Preskitt, Dr. Leandra Godoy, Ms. Yetta Myrick, Dr. Madeline Eckenrode, and Ms. Betsy Hopson. LEND psychology trainee Zachary Arnold also presented updated data on his current research project.

Attendees were engaged in lectures and discussion on neuromarkers in rare monogenic neurodevelopmental disabilities, rural healthcare disparities in preschoolers referred for autism testing, multi-system approaches to improving autism care, and transition care for children and teenagers at the UAB STEP Program. The day also included presenting the Fred J. Biasini Outstanding Former Trainee award to Dr. Julie Preskitt who gave an inspiring talk on how teamwork and a multidisciplinary focus is truly one of the building blocks to success.