CaRES Student Parking

If you will live in UAB Student Housing or at University Place this summer, parking may be included in your weekly or monthly rent – check on this.  If this is the case, you may be able to keep your car parked during the week, walk to work each day, and use your car only for shopping, errands, and traveling on weekends.  But for those of you who must arrange for parking, here are some suggestions. 

Parking on the UAB campus can be challenging, but it is less challenging in the summer than at other times of the year.  UAB students doing CaRES should continue the parking arrangements that they had this academic year, if possible.  CaRES students who are not UAB students should review the information on the UAB Parking Office website or call the Office at 205-934-3513 for guidance.  You may want to purchase a temporary parking permit for all Lot 15’s (15A, 15B, 15C, etc.) that are located across campus.  There is probably a Lot 15 near the UAB building where you will work. A temporary parking permit costs $17.50 per month, or $70 for the summer. A permit can be purchased online or at the Parking Office located on the edge of campus at 608 8th Street South, near the I-65 access ramps.  You must go there in person (bring your driver’s license) to fill out paperwork describing your vehicle (including its license tag number), and you will be given a hang tag to display on your inside rear-view mirror.

There are other UAB parking decks and lots where you can park, but they are more expensive than Lot 15’s.  Some UAB parking decks and lots accept ONLY monthly parkers who swipe their UAB “ONE Card” to enter.  Other UAB decks and lots accept a limited number of daily parkers; these decks and lots display a sign that says, “Public Parking on certain floors or in certain areas. Typically, the cost of public parking in a UAB deck or lot is $2 for the first hour, plus $1 per hour for each additional hour, up to $6 maximum per day.  Parking in a deck or lot may be okay in a pinch, but your cost could add up to $30/week! 

An alternative to consider is street parking, if you can find it.  Each morning you may be able to find parking meter spaces a few blocks from campus, but there is typically a 2-hour time limit on each meter.  The cost for most meter parking is 25 cents for 15 minutes, or $2 for 2 hours.  After 2 hours you will need to move your car to another parking space, as you are not supposed to re-feed the meter.  This approach is not suggested for parking every day.    

A note to early-birds (you know who you are) . . . if you plan to start work very early each day, you may be able to find free street-parking (with no meters) near campus.  Cruise around one morning and take a look or ask UAB students for tips about secret parking places.  Be careful where you park because parking tickets are expensive in Birmingham!   If you are a good detective, you may find a free parking space that no one else knows about and is yours to park in every day if you arrive early.  If you find a free parking space don’t tell anyone about it! 

May 7, 2019