45GD – Primary Care Obesity Management in the Southeast (PROMISE)

Status: Filled – Intern: Madi Bruce
Intern: Madi Bruce
Faculty Name: gareth-r-dutton-2
UAB Department: Department of Medicine/Division of Preventive Medicine
UAB School: School of Medicine
Campus Address: 1717 11th Avenue South, Medical Towers 615
Telephone Number: (205) 934-6876
Email: gdutton@uabmc.edu or Click to Send E-Mail
For how many summers have you served as a preceptor: 3 or more
CCC Research Area: Cancer Control and Population Science
Number of hours per week that the preceptor will personally supervise or work with the intern: 2
Other faculty, staff, or graduate students who may help to supervise the intern:
1. Janice Phillips
2. Sara Hannum
Title of Project: 45GD – Primary Care Obesity Management in the Southeast (PROMISE)
Project Description:

This project addresses strategies to treat obesity through primary care practices. The study includes an 18-month randomized controlled trial comparing the effects of obesity treatment that includes either: 1) in-person and telephone-based contacts with peer coaches (peer coach treatment), or 2) routine contact with a primary care provider plus self-directed intervention materials (standard care). This weight loss trial includes 375 adults with obesity randomized from UAB primary care practices. The primary outcome will be changes in body weight at month 18. Secondary outcomes will include key patient-centered outcomes, including quality-of-life, physical and social functioning, mood, and treatment satisfaction.

Project Status: Already up and running
Location of Project: Birmingham, AL (UAB)
Proposed Start Date: May 4, 2020
Proposed End Date: August 28, 2020
Expected work schedule for intern: Flexible, intern can largely set his or her own schedule (as for students who are instructed how to proceed and are permitted to work independently with weekly guidance) and should contribute full-time effort.
Category of Project: Clinical (Patient Care) Research
Cancer topic: Diet and Nutrition, Obesity
Does this project involve human subjects: Yes
Does this project involve animal subjects: No

Assist with data collection with participants


Assist with data entry and data management


Schedule data collection visits with participants

Preceptor will provide intern with access to the following:
Office or desk space, Computer and printer, Supplies needed to complete project, Equipment needed to complete project
Likelihood that intern will be included as an author on one or more publications
related to this summer research project:
Areas in which the ideal candidates will have experience:
Interview Skills, Nutrition Sciences, Obesity and Diet