2018 CaRES Poster Session Exhibits 49 Posters!

2018 CaRES Poster Session
Hill University Center, 3rd Floor Ballrooms B, C, & D
Tuesday, July 24 – 12:45 – 3:00 pm

Poster Presentations:

Poster 1: Adams, Jessica – UAB Medicine; Laura Rogers, Preceptor
“Rural cancer survivor and interventionist perspectives on patient needs and resources suggest multi-level implementation strategies during physical activity intervention translation”

Poster 2: Aune, Ashley – Auburn Pharmacy; Renata Jaskula-Sztul, Preceptor
“Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) for pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer targeted therapy”

Poster 3: Atras, Reza – UAB Medicine; Gabrielle Rocque, Preceptor
“Time is Money: Understanding Time and Money Costs of Metastatic Breast Cancer” Poster 3: Atras, Reza – UAB Medicine; Gabrielle Rocque, Preceptor

Poster 4: Bhandari, Jessica – ACOM; Sara Cooper, Preceptor
“Identification of essential genes in platinum resistant high grade serous ovarian adenocarcinoma”

Poster 5: Bhatt, Glann – ACOM; Elizabeth Beierle, Preceptor
“The Combination of EZH2 and FAK Inhibition Decreases Viability of Neuroblastoma Cells in vitro”

Poster 6: Boeding, Thomas – ACOM; Yufeng Li, Preceptor
“MHCII pathway genes may have prognostic value in triple negative breast cancer”

Poster 7: Boone, Logan – Samford Pharmacy; John Hartman, Preceptor
“Yeast Phenomic Characterization of a Gain of Function Mutation in P53 by Global Assessment of Gene Modifiers”

Poster 8: Brown, Domecia – Samford Pharmacy; Jennifer Bail, Preceptor
“The Impact of PolyPharmacy on The Physical Performance of Aging Cancer Survivors”

Poster 9: Colvin, Calvin – UAB Public Health; Pauline Jolly, Preceptor
Factors associated with previous screening for cervical cancer among women living in western Jamaica”

Poster 10: Curran, Zachary – Samford Pharmacy; John Waterbor, Preceptor
“”Chemo Brain”: A Phenomenon”

Poster 11: Doremus, Kirsten – Samford Pharmacy; Carlo Contreras, Preceptor
“Risk Factors for Non-localizing Lymphoscintigraphy in Breast Cancer Patients”

Poster 12: Danthuluri, Veena – UAB Medicine; Catherine Parker, Preceptor
“Impact of Margins on Re-Excision Rates for Breast-Conserving Surgery”

Poster 13: Elliott, Emily – UAB Public Health; Warner Huh, Preceptor
“A Real World Assessment of Immunogenicity in Adolescent Women Receiving Gardasil, Gardasil 9, or Cervarix”

Poster 14: Elsa, Jason – ACOM; Pi-Ling Chang, Preceptor
“Preclinical Assessment of Retinoid X-receptor Agonist, UAB110, For Potential Treatment of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma”

Poster 15: Graham, Tessa – UAB Public Health; Laurie Malone, Preceptor
“Canine Scent Detection of Human Cancers: Considerations for Sampling and Training Procedures”

Poster 16: Greene, Haley – UAB Public Health; Luz Padilla, Preceptor
“Cancer Risk Differences Among U.S. and Foreign-Born Hispanics”

Poster 17: Goel, Nidhi – UAB Medicine; Rebecca Arend, Preceptor
“Histone deacetylase inhibition at non-toxic dosages stimulates an anti-tumor immune response in preclinical models of ovarian cancer”

Poster 18: Gubbels, Alexandra – UAB Medicine; Sadeep Shrestha, Preceptor
“What Are We Sitting On? Anal Cancer Epidemiology in the Southeastern USA”

Poster 19: Hudson, Amy – UAB Medicine; Wendy Demark, Preceptor
“Cultivate a Garden, Cultivate Health & Wellness: Results from a Debriefing Survey for Randomized Vegetable Gardening Intervention in Older Cancer Survivors”

Poster 20: KC, Kailash – ACOM; Nabiha Yusuf, Preceptor
“A Novel Analog Derived from Marine Sponges as a Potential Cure for Melanoma”

Poster 21: Kim, Justin – UAB Medicine; Fred Goldman, Preceptor
“SOS! SOS! Sinusoids obstruction syndrome: a 10 year retrospective analysis “

Poster 22: Leung, Phillip – ACOM; Yang Yang, Preceptor
“Osteocyte apoptosis promotes myeloma cell migration and proliferation

Poster 23: Lewis, Bria – Samford Pharmacy & Anna Lee Petit – Auburn Pharmacy; Gareth Dutton, Preceptor
“CARE trial: Comparing Variable Calorie Reductions for Weight Loss “

Poster 24: Ludwig, Micaela – Auburn Veterinary; Sunil Sudarshan, Preceptor
“ CRISPR-Cas9: applying prokaryotic genome defense strategies for eukaryotic genome editing”

Poster 25: Petitt, Anna Lee – Auburn Pharmacy & Bria Lewis – Samford Pharmacy; Gareth Dutton, Preceptor
“PROMISE trial: Partnership Optimizes Weight Management in Primary Care Offices”

Poster 26: Mahler, Lily – UAB Medicine; John Hartman, Preceptor
“A Yeast Phenomic Model to Discover Novel Regulators of Ras Signaling”

Poster 27: Malian, Serge – ACOM; Andrzej Slominski, Preceptor
“FGF23 Expression in Skin Cells”

Poster 28: Melvin, Olivia – UAB Medicine; Conway Huang, Preceptor
“Adherence to Mohs Micrographic Surgery Appropriate Use Criteria”

Poster 29: Montgomery, Meredith – UAB Medicine; Elizabeth Beierle, Preceptor
“Evaluation of PIM3 kinase inhibitor M-110 as a potential therapy in hepatoblastoma”

Poster 30: Nokovich, Evgenia – ACOM; Sadeep Shrestha, Preceptor
“Assessing differences between urban and rural populations with genitourinary HPV related cancer”

Poster 31: Pandit, Renu – UAB Medicine, Farrukh Afaq, Preceptor
“Plumbagin Treatment Potentiates Vemurafenib-Mediated Apoptosis and Reduces Tumorigenesis in BRAF-Mutant Melanoma”

Poster 32: Parker, Bennett – UAB Medicine; Smita Bhatia; Preceptor
“Complications of Pediatric Oncology Patients Treated with Targeted Therapy”

Poster 33: Pudhucode, Roshini – ACOM; Brenessa Lindeman, Preceptor
“Comparison of American Thyroid Association and American College of Radiology scoring systems for thyroid nodule ultrasound characteristics”

Poster 34: Ray, Gannon – USA Medicine; Kasturi Mitra, Preceptor
“A comparison of mitochondrial dynamics and energetics in parental and mitochondrial inhibitor resistant ovarian cancer cell lines”

Poster 35: Scalft, Garrett; & Shellfield, Maddie – Samford Pharmacy; Jennifer Bail & Wendy Demark, Preceptors
“Supplement Intake and Physical Performance Among Older Cancer Survivors

Poster 36: Schlotman, Katie – UAB Public Health; Elizabeth Brown, Preceptor
“Multiple Myeloma Survival by Race”

Poster 37: Sisson, Miller – UAB Medicine; Charles Leath, Preceptor
“Evaluation of chemotherapy treatment metrics as indicators of ovarian cancer outcomes”

Poster 38: Stahl, Brian – UAB Medicine; Sushanth Reddy, Preceptor
“Total versus proximal gastrectomy for upper gastric cancer: a meta-analysis”

Poster 39: Stahl, Joseph – USA Medicine; Renata Jaskula-Sztul, Preceptor
“Nanoparticle targeted delivery of a novel anticancer drug to medullary thyroid cancer”

Poster 40: Sterns, Abigail – UAB Public Health; Stuart Lockwood, Preceptor
“HPV-associated oral and pharynx cancers in Alabama: staging and prevention”

Poster 41: Summerlin, Sarah – UAB Medicine; Margaret Liang
“Costs or related Stress of Treatment (CoST): Financial toxicity in gynecologic cancer patients undergoing treatment”

Poster 42: Travis, Roman – UAB Medicine; John Fiveash, Preceptor
Radiation Therapy and Anti-PD1 Immunotherapy in Brain Metastases”

Poster 43: Vallabhaneni, Nikhil – ACOM; J. Bart Rose, Preceptor
“Differential Notch 3 Expression in Neuroendocrine Tumors”

Poster 44: Wang, Sven – ACOM; Elizabeth Brown; Preceptor
“Effect of varicella-zoster infection on differential DNA methylation in multiple myeloma”

Poster 45: Wiemer, Layton – ACOM; Praveen Vayalil, Preceptor
“Regulation of Cell Cycle by NADPH Oxidase 4 in Lung Fibroblasts”

Poster 46: Wild, Josh – ACOM; Andrzej Slominski, Preceptor
“Presence of receptor target proteins for D3-hydroxyderivatives in various cancer cell lines”

Poster 47: Wyatt, Jordan – UAB Public Health; Pauline Jolly, Preceptor
“Factors Associated with Prostate Cancer Screening in Jamaica”

Poster 48: Yang, Kevin – UAB Medicine; Nabiha Yusuf, Preceptor
“TRIF protects mice from UVB-induced suppression of cell-mediated Immune responses”

Poster 49: Zengul, Ayse – UAB Nutrition Sciences; Brenda Bertrand, Preceptor
“Associations between Dietary Fiber, the Fecal Microbiota and Estrogen Metabolism in Postmenopausal Women with Breast Cancer”