Postdoctoral Fellow or Advanced Researcher: A research position for a postdoctoral fellow or advanced researcher is now available at the University of Alabama Birmingham Medical Center within the basic, translational, and preclinical research program to study brain circuitry function and its role in various paradigms of human disease. Projects include understanding the integration of fast and slow neurotransmission as it pertains to neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases including mental illness, drug addiction, gut-brain comorbidity, chemobrain, and neuronal injury. Each of these projects incorporates experimental therapeutic intervention. Multidisciplinary techniques include in vivo photometric and single unit slice recording, optogenetics, single cell multi-omic analysis, pharmacology, histology, intracellular signal transduction analysis. The successful candidate will join a multidisciplinary team of biochemists, behaviorists, physiologists, and neuropathologists within the setting of a strong cores providing capabilities in neurophysiology, imaging, behavioral,  bioinformatic, and other advanced approaches. An overall goal of this research is to understand the mechanisms that dictate normal brain function and their maladaptation in disease. The successful candidate will work both independently and as part of a team aimed at making advances and publishing high impact work. Several projects are well developed so that clear existing data can be used to rapidly demonstrate productivity. The incorporation of multiple perspectives and advanced technologies is a hallmark of this sustained and well-funded research program and will provide the applicant with the opportunity to produce high impact publications and establish a strong record of grant award funding. The candidate will receive committed mentoring and career development toward independent research and training to become a principle investigator. Enthusiastic applicants with a Ph.D. and several years of experience in neurobiology, physiology, biochemistry, molecular pharmacology, or multi-omic analyses are strongly encouraged to apply by submitting their C.V. and 3 references to Dr. James Bibb,  UAB features a large clinical and scientific community with a world-renowned faculty and has state-of-the-art research facilities. UAB is an equal opportunity employer.

Laboratory Technician/Research Scientist: Position open for a lab scientist member to conduct preclinical cellular and molecular neuroscience and cancer research.  This research aims to understand the causes and developing new treatments for mental illness, addiction, neuronal injury, and neuroendocrine cancer. The person awarded this position will conduct experiments using both in vitro and in vivo model systems. Studies will also encompass analysis of patient derived samples. The successful candidate will work with a strong team of basic researchers and physicians study mechanisms that control cellular function and disease progression in cells as well as in vivo models. Effort will be directed at assessments of the efficacy of new treatments and the application of multidisciplinary techniques including pharmacology, biochemistry, cell biology, animal behavior, histology, physiology, and in vivo imaging.  Candidate should have 3-5 years of research experience in this or a related field and experience with biomedical research using rodents.  The successful candidate will be expected to contribute intellectually to this research, derive and present data, and contribute to scientific publications of high impact.  The candidate will also integrate with all members of an outstanding neuroscience and cancer research lab and contribute to its successful operation. The successful candidate will be given the opportunity to work on an independent project that may be developed into a first author publication. This is an exceptional opportunity to for involvement and career development in translational research relevant to biotechnology, biomedicine, and pharmaceutical industry fields.

You may contact us if you have any questions or if you wish you leave a C.V. and cover letter:

Damian Schwartz, Administrative Director for Bibb Lab

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