We are a molecular and cellular neuroscience and cancer biology laboratory. Our goal is to understand the biochemical mechanisms that underlie normal brain functions and the pathophysiology of diseases of the CNS. We are also interested in the causes of rare cancers that arise from the neuroendocrine system. We study neuronal signal transduction and aim to identify novel signaling mechanisms the mediate synaptic function and regulate neuronal excitability. We combine studies protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation with a variety of advanced approaches including multiomic, single cell, circuitry function, physiology, pharmacology, transgenics, photometric, behavior, and viral mediated analysis. Interests include the integration of slow and fast neurotransmission, cognition, mental illness, addiction, gut-brain comorbidity, and neuronal injury.

Many features of synaptic remodeling may represent special adaptations of the cell cycle. Consequently, some of our neurobiological studies are also relevant to cell cycle regulation and oncology. Linking signaling mechanisms involved in synaptic remodeling and neuronal injury to mechanisms of oncogenesis is providing new perspectives on both aspects of the disease. This approach has proven highly productive and translational. The links provided will take you to pages where you can read more about our current interests.

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