Arend Lab Research Team

Students and Lab Personnel

Gynecologic Oncology Fellows:

Taylor Turner, M.D. 2015-2016

Haller Smith, M.D 2016-2017

David Doo, M.D. 2017-2018

Whitney Goldsberry, M.D. 2018-2019

Brandon Roane, M.D.  2018-2019

Jaclyn Wall, M.D. 2019-2020            

International Fellow:

Ilaria Betella, M.D. 2017-2018

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Angelina Londono, Ph.D. 2015-2017

            Recipient of T32 Hematology and Oncology

M.D./Ph.D. Student:

Zachary Dobbin M.D./Ph.D. (Co-mentored by Dr. Charles Landen) 2015-2016

           Currently a resident at The University of Chicago

Graduate Students:

Jacelyn Peabody (Rotation only) 2016

Alba Martinez 2017-present

Medical Students:

Eric Craig 2015-2016

            Currently a resident at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Naveed Farrukh 2016-2018

Taylor Bono 2016-2018

Cindy Tawfik 2016-2017

            Received 2016-2017 CCST TL1 Predoctoral Trainee Grant

Allison Montgomery Davis 2016-present

Brian Mott 2018-present

Nidhi Goel 2018-present

Maahum Kamal 2018-present

Hannah Beer 2019-present

Undergraduate Students:

Dylana J Moore 2015-2018

Carol Li 2015-2018

Rachel Fairley 2018-present

Lab Personal:

Ashwini Katre 2015-present

Monica Fomby 2017-2018

McKenzie Foxall 2019-Present

Jill Hyde, RN 2019-Present

Angelina Londono, PhD 2019-Present