Active and Upcoming Research Studies

Active Studies: 

1. Recruitment Database:

If you are interested in participating in upcoming research, you can enroll in our recruitment database by completing the following survey:  
If you match our inclusion criteria, we will contact you to further discuss our study. 

2. Tear Transcriptome:

This study is attempting to understand how genetic material within the tears may be associated with inflammatory dry eye. 

3. Artificial Tears:

This group of studies is aimed at understanding how novel artificial tears may improve eye and contact lens comfort. 

4. Adaptation to Scleral Lenses:

This study is aimed at understanding the best way to start working scleral lenses (large diameter hard contact lenses). 

Upcoming Research Studies:  

1. Customizing Myopia Control with the Intelliwave Multifocal Toric Contact Lens 
2. Methods for Applying Scleral Lenses 

If you are interested in exploring past research, or reading our published articles feel free to explore the past research page on our website.