Welcome to the Andrew Pucker Laboratory

Pucker laboratory members left to right. Quentin Franklin, Dr. Andrew Pucker, Keyur Savla

The Andrew Pucker Laboratory is a translational science laboratory (mixture of basic and clinical research studies) that is interested in a range of Optometry and Vision Science topics, which include dry eye, contact lenses, myopia management. 

Contact lenses are a primary means for correcting refractive error and slowing eye growth (myopia progression). While there are over 140 million contact lens wearers in the United States alone, some patients are forced to discontinue contact lens use because of eye dryness and discomfort.                                                                                                                

Dr. Pucker’s laboratory believes that meibomian gland (eyelid glands that primarily produce lipids) dysfunction is a primary source of this contact lens discomfort and contact lens dropout. Therefore, the primary goals of Dr. Pucker’s laboratory are to (1) understand how altered meibomian morphology is associated with contact lens discomfort, (2) understand how altered meibomian gland secretions are associated with eye discomfort, (3) develop alternatives for keeping patients in contact lenses for more years, and (4) investigate methods for preventing refractive error development and the need for contact lenses or spectacles in the first place.