ALPQC Commitment to Health Equity in Maternal and Neonatal Health

The Alabama Perinatal Quality Collaborative (ALPQC)’s mission is to promote the best health for Alabama’s mothers and babies. In collaboration with many partners, we educate and train health professionals in the best and most fair ways to provide care to mothers and babies.

Women of color face unique health challenges because of discrimination. Systems related to housing, education, criminal justice, and healthcare can treat people of color differently. These differences can affect health outcomes. Women of color and their infants are more likely to get sick and die than are White women and babies. These inequities remain even when taking into account age, education, and other characteristics.

Safe and high-quality care must be equal for all women and infants. We must acknowledge and reject the racial inequities that happen to women and infants in our state. There is no quality or safety without equity.As we look at our own biases, we urge others to do the same. We call for and support listening to those affected by and suffering from racism. In listening, we can identify ways to contribute to change.

We will confront racism and create equities in health and healthcare practices for moms and babies. Our leadership will represent the diverse population of Alabama. We aim to listen and learn with humility and compassion. We will partner with hospitals, providers, and others to identify inequities. We will protect the most vulnerable. We will achieve our vision of improving outcomes for all.