The ALPQC Birth Certificate Accuracy Initiative (BCAI) project began in the fall of 2018.  The purpose of the project is to improve the accuracy of birth registry data collected in our state for surveillance and future quality improvement work.  Our aim is to ensure that, by project end, 11 key variables on the birth certificate are reported accurately in 95% of birth records.

Action requires quality data.  Accurate birth certificate data are critical ingredients needed to:
–    monitor population health, particularly that of women and children.
–    solve public health problems at the state level.
–    make wise decisions about where to spend limited dollars.
–    inform future ALPQC quality improvement efforts.

The Birth Certificate Accuracy Initiative (BCAI) involves the following:

Hospital leadership – Each participating birthing facility identifies a leadership team.  Each team includes:
–    Birth registrar (or birth certificate abstractor)
–    Quality improvement member
–    Clinical member (RN or MD)

Training and continuous QI – Regularly scheduled webinars provide training on improved data collecting and reporting of the 11 key variables.  These are archived, along with slides and handouts, on this page for future use.  Hospital consultation and technical assistance is also available for continuous shared learning.

Data reporting – Birth certificate data quality is assessed by the clinical team member auditing 5 or 10 hospital records (depending on hospital volume) for 11 key birth certificate items on a monthly basis.  An example audit worksheet containing the 11 key items can be found on this page. Baseline data was collected prior to training kick-off in the fall of 2018.  Monthly data submission for the previous month’s audit is to the ALPQC via REDCap by the 21st of the subsequent month starting with October 2018 births.  

Hospital feedback – Monthly QI reports are be provided to hospitals within 2 weeks of audit submission.  Reports include hospital-specific data (seen only by that hospital) as well as collated anonymous data.  Feedback regarding the project is needed for ultimate success, and each facility’s team is encouraged to give the ALPQC feedback via monthly reporting, email, during webinars, or calls.

BCAI Contacts & Resources

BCAI Committee Members

Name Credentials Organization Representing
Allison Todd MSN, RN University of Alabama at Birmingham, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brenda Bugh BBA Alabama Department of Public Health, Center for Health Statistics
DeeAnne Jackson MD, MPH University of Alabama at Birmingham, Academic General Pediatrics
Donna Todd RHIA Baptist Health, Health Information Management
Drew Nelson MPH Alabama Medicaid, Quality Assurance Division
Janice Smiley MSN, RN Alabama Department of Public Health, Perinatal Health Division
Madonna Nichols MSN St. Vincent’s Birmingham, Women’s Services
Margaret Borders   Alabama Hospital Association
Martha Wingate DrPH University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Public Health
Melanie Gaston   Baptist Medical Center East
Melinda Rowe MD Alabama Medicaid
Paula Brennan   Baptist Medical Center East, Women’s & Children’s Services
Rosemary Blackmon   Alabama Hospital Association
Samuel Gentle MD University of Alabama at Birmingham, Pediatrics, Neonatology
Sandra Townsend RHIT Jackson Hospital, Health Information Management Operations
Sara Mazzoni MD, MPH University of Alabama at Birmingham, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sharon Jones MSN St. Vincent’s Birmingham, Clinical Excellence
Tammy Smith MSN Southeast Alabama Medical Center, Women & Infants Services