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Educational Resources for Radiology Trainees

The Most Comprehensive Learning Program for AI in Diagnostic Radiology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming an invaluable tool in diagnostic radiology. AIRE (Artificial Intelligence in Radiology Education) was created to help trainees keep pace with the developments in this emerging field by providing a practical and accessible way to learn. Each course offers a thorough introduction to the topic and practical examples demonstrating how these concepts can be applied in real-world scenarios.

The program’s courses are taught by experts in their respective fields with years of experience working with AI systems of all types. The live and recorded lectures make it easy for you to interact with your instructors and course material, offering an experience that will prepare you for success in the global radiology landscape of tomorrow. If you want to get ahead of the steep learning curve on AI in Radiology, there’s no better way to start learning!

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Intermediate Topics in AI:  Considerations in Clinical Integration

“Intermediate Topics in AI” is a free, one-day lecture series covering core concepts of radiology AI. The lectures in this course provide a deeper exploration of intermediate level topics in AI and will be designed to supplement the AI Literacy Course curriculum. This course will be held on zoom and will feature live and recorded lectures and opportunities for participant Q&A.

Expanding Knowledge of AI in Diagnostic Radiology

The Artificial Intelligence Literacy Course strives to provide high-quality and open-access educational resources for radiology trainees worldwide. Our course serves as an opportunity for radiologists to develop fundamental knowledge of AI, gain familiarity with the practical applications of AI in clinical practice, and find a community of fellow professionals pursuing AI.

Advantages of Our AI in Radiology Education

Learn fundamental terms, methods, and applications

Our innovative program is designed for those who want to go beyond basic knowledge of AI and learn the skills necessary to be on the forefront of new radiology technologies.

View lectures remotely at your own pace

You’ll find live courses and asynchronous content to help you catch up and get ahead of the learning curve in AI radiology education.

Free for individual learners and training programs

Our free educational resources are accessible and practical to maximize your learning experience.

Connect with a community of AI experts

Learn how to apply cutting-edge technology to your career in radiology and join a community of like-minded professionals.

Learn How To Use AI in Diagnostic Radiology

From the fundamentals of AI to subspecialty applications and special topics lectures, our blogs will provide accessible and practical insights into topics shaping radiology’s future.

Fundamentals of AI

Abdominal Imaging

Breast Imaging

Cardiothoracic Imaging


Nuclear Medicine

Pediatric Radiology

Special Topics

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Learn More About The Future of AI Integration in Radiology

Don’t get left behind by this powerful technology—take advantage of its opportunities. Join us today and get started on your journey toward becoming an expert in using AI in diagnostic radiology.

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