Clinical Trials Unit

Clinical Trials Unit

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The Alabama-to-Zambia Clinical Trials Unit (A-to Z CTU) is committed to addressing the HIV epidemic in the Southeastern US, where HIV incidence remains the highest domestically, and in Sub-Saharan Africa where the global burden of HIV is highest. Our team is committed to advancing science to improve the quality and longevity of lives of those living with HIV.

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Clinical research trials are an important part of the advancement in medicine for both the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. These trials with the Alabama-to-Zambia Clinical Trials Unit serve to discover whether or not a particular treatment or preventative is safe and effective. All new drugs and medical devices must go through the process of clinical trials before being approved, produced, and marketed for the general public; thus, it is ultimately our volunteers whom help us understand, prevent, and treat communicable diseases.

The Alabama-to-Zambia Clinical Trials Unit

The Alabama Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) is composed of two Clinical Research Sites: Alabama CRS and Matero CRS, that are dedicated towards therapeutic research and prevention research.